Friday, 7 January 2011

LInsay LOhan so SEXY

Lindsay Lohan, as we all know, managed to weasel her way out of prison and is back in rehab for a while. And, as we recently reported, she also had a little 'sexcapade', although we shouldn't be that mean as to presume that the poor girl actually did that because it was in her nature - more like she did it because she desperately wanted to celebrate her one day in jail sentence and didn't know how. We have to hand it to her - in the middle of nowhere, with only such unhealthy activities as riding and rafting at hand, some wild sex in a rehab bathroom cubicle sounds great. And just in case you too hate the fact that none of the rehab personnel who caught Lohan in the act had enough inspiration to take some photos of the whole thing, here's a little something-something to make it up to you.

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